What about single mum who is always working?

by habitang

I was speaking to a child and this is what I found out.

Child gets sent to friend’s house every weekend. What else can mum do? Mum needs to work to support the family. Week days child sits at mum’s workplace playing on iphone until 6pm.
My thoughts. Completely initial thoughts without much contemplation. Just a starting point for further discussion.

  1. The child needs to be taught healthy independance.
  2. Recommend a healthy social model for them to copy.

Healthy independence. Teach them things that allow them to develop themselves. For example: How to borrow books by themselves. How to get involved in healthy internet forums. Start a hobby.

Without you being home it can be nigh impossible to teach healthy social responsibilities. They won’t be able to catch the healthy behaviours from short interactions. Direct them to learn manners from the teacher or a well behaved older child. They will be looking for role models because you’re not there. Better you help direct them rather than them finding the wrong ones.

Does anyone else have to support the family and have tips on how to be a parent that isn’t there?