by habitang

I’ve got an addiction. When I get caught in it,  I can’t get out. I’ve put in place measures to avoid this addiction but when I relapse. 4 hours instantly disappears from my day where I ignore my needs to eat, I lose the ability to speak normally to people, I don’t sleep, I’m willing to miss appointments, get angry at anyone who steps in on my time. It is debilitating.
For me it is gaming. Any game.
Could be angry birds. Latest or a classic on PlayStation. Latest or old game on iPhone. Or online flash game. Anything that keeps track of score.
How do I handle it? I need to delete it or block the site. There is no such thing as moderation in this matter.
How do you identify if your child is developing an addiction?
If they get increasingly angry or frustrated whenever their activity is interrupted.
They are willing to skip meals for it.

What can you do?
start by moderating time allowed on it. Give other options. Describe to your child the behaviour changes you see in them.