Reading with boys

by habitang

Boys are naturally active. They want to play catch, ride a bike, kick a ball, wrestle. Not all, mind you. Some just want to be like Ferdinand the bull and sit and smell flowers.

They may not want to read. Just like they may not want to eat vegetables.

It is manly to be a protector but it is also manly to be someone who can appreciate the arts. Who told you otherwise? The media is the thing that told you otherwise or maybe your dad. What is manly about hating reading?

I have a class full of boys who love to read! I designate time for them to read and I don’t use that time to organise the room or catch up on marking. I purposefully grab a book and read. SO here are the top 2 things I’ve seen work with my class. I think it should readily translate into the home. Post below to let me hear of your suggestions.

  1. I show my kids that I read! Grab a book. I recommend something humourous by Australian authors Paul Jennings or Andy Griffiths. Or if you like sports, grab a biography of one of your favourite coaches or athletes. If you want something more meaty, then try Bryce Courtenay’s The Power of One. About a kid who becomes a boxing champion and beats up his childhood bully.
  2. Next, read to your child.  The kids love time with the teacher. So imagine time with dad! It is approval by dad. When boys start out, they loved reading, but then they found out that they sucked at it or it seemed that no men read, so they had to stop loving to read. If they see that dad approves of reading, that will have a much bigger effect than seeing a teacher read. They will be more likely to continue enjoying what they already enjoy.

Read adventure books, read picture books, read information books, read books with dinosaurs. Just don’t read something that’s pink and glittery.

Does anyone have any anecdotes or tips about reading to your boy? I’d love to hear about it! Post below.