TV. Best invention ever.

by habitang

It is exciting in some sense, allows the mind to relax, doesn’t require any effort. I like TV.

How can you make the most of TV?

Watch a movie. Movies are narrative, they involve characters, interesting scenarios and humour. Although I remember watching the Goonies when I was young and for the rest of my life until the age of 25, I thought it was a horror movie and it conjured some quite unfriendly childhood memories of watching a horror movie. I only realised it wasn’t a horror when I watched it as a 25 year old and realising the comedy I was watching was the same movie. Be very mindful of what may appear like a comedy movie to you may end up being a horror movie for your child. You don’t want your child to get used to horror or extreme anger(it’s called desensitising).

Pure comedy shows seldom teach anything meaningful or significant. Pure action movies seldom teach anything real.

Watch something that includes some comedy or action but make sure it isn’t just full or slap stick humour (people falling down stairs) and not just about defeating the big bag villain trying to control the world. Watch a movie that focuses on some part of a family relationship or school or fantastical adventure.

Extreme situation but coming back from holidays I heard that a significant amount of children in year 5 and 6 had watched the movie Ted. Rated MA for adult themes and crude humour. It has a teddy bear as the main character. That confuses the heck out of kids. Its cute. It dances. It makes jokes about doing things in an adult way. Don’t even give them movies that are aimed at teenagers. It isn’t helpful, they haven’t yet learnt how to filter and understand the implied themes.

Other times. TV is just a vampire of your mind and time. Game shows are good for family time. Not good for individual watching time. Same as Funniest Home Videos and Simpsons. Great as a family but absolute mind numbing madness for the individual. There is nothing to be learnt from those shows. As a family, it makes for a great shared experience and commenting on the funny moments but I think the TV can be similar to a leech that drains all the energy out of your brain.