Top 2 Tips as a Son

My dad was never taught how to be dad nor did his dad set a good example but he did do this for me:

  1. Be around! Especially in the younger years.
  2. Understand that every kid is different.

He took us for family road trips. He drove me to my friend’s place. He was always home on weekends. He took me to the swimming pool even though he would just sit in the spa while my brother and I played tips in the water. You can’t be a dad without being around. He allowed me to experience lots of things, took us to the beach, bush and city. Went for road trips interstate even though the places we went to I look back on as boring, as a child these memorials, museums and random cities were the bees knees to me. Kids love exploring the world, wherever it is. They saw nothing before they were born and they will never know what sand feels like or how big the world is unless you take them there.

He didn’t try to fit me into his mold. He encouraged anything I was interested in, except fire. I got a spanking for playing with fire. Or drugs/smoking. I would get disowned if I ever took up smoking. He took me to skateparks even though he constantly told me that skateboarding was a dangerous sport. He bought my brother a keyboard when he gained an interest in music ( it was a cheap one, I had food, shelter and clothes but keyboards were definitely not in our budget). My brother and I are polar opposites in interest and personality but our dad never asked that we be more like the other. I was more the macho type and my brother was the sensitive type (I’ve since grown to understand that a man can not simply be one type).