Top 2 Tips as a Teacher

So you want your child to succeed in school…

  1. READ with them!
  2. Value school!

Reading involves sitting down with them and reading to them when they can’t and listening to them when they can. Select EASY and FUN books! Don’t pick books that you can’t read or your child won’t enjoy. I was reading picture books even in year 6 and I see lots of older children still enjoy picture books (especially if they are poor readers). Here is a list of possible books to read categorised by age and gender.

Value school. Don’t ever allow your child to skip school because they don’t feel like it. Make sure you enforce the importance of being at school on time (DON’T EVER SLEEP IN on a school day!). Make sure they do their homework (if they struggle, tell them to ask the teacher for easier homework or even better, help them understand the homework).