Top 2 Tips by Dads

I have never been a father but I think I can identify one when I see it and this is what they had to say:

  1. Set clear boundaries.
  2. Have fun!

Starting out as a teacher. I struggled to find this balance. I erred on the side of having too much fun. Kids were wild, learnt nothing, were not set up to succeed. I illustrate it like allowing water to just spill onto the floor as opposed to channeling the water to run into streams and rivers. I’ve seen teachers set only clear boundaries and everything had to occur in the exact same way. The students never did create anything new and the successful students in the class were the placid kids with no humour and no real sense of self.

Clear boundaries. No means no. If you said they’re not allowed to do something but they do it anyway, then be ready to follow up with time out in the corner or a spank or withdrawal of privileges (no favourite TV show).

Have fun. Be a horse. Push them on swings. Race them to the park. Take them on trips. Enjoy it!